Our Know How

Our services


Advice and support:

  • Support in the development and furniture design, with 3D views and implementation of prototypes in our workshop.
  • Our experience and expertise are here to serve your project: real partner, we recommend the choice of materials and colours, suitable for a better compromise to your expectations, your purpose and budget.


Taking measurements and state of play:

For your furniture projects and custom decoration our team comes to check the measurements and state of play to offer you tailored solutions and to anticipate any possible logistical problems (access to site, access to the floors, the rooms etc...).


  • 2 designers on Solidworks, Autocad and 20-20.
  • Dimensional drawings, computer graphics, 3D study of your made-to-measure furniture.


Manufacturing :

The manual know how of our staff in addition to computer numerical control (CNC) machinery allows us to adapt ourselves from the simplest to the most complex manufacturing, from a unique piece to large series.

Full traceability, every manufacturing process from the supplies of raw material to shipping guarantees a maximum quality


Delivering and Fitting:

We can provide transportation and installation throughout France and abroad with our staff and/or outsourced partners.


Permanent Support:

A guaranteed after sales service for prompt management of common problems.

Supports all guaranteed incident within 48 hours.

A quick replacement service of spare parts and panels in case of sinister.


  •  Minimizes downtime
  •  Allows you to stay mind free and focused on your business




  • We use materials made of PEFC certified  wood, ensuring sustainable forest management, and certified E1 (formaldehyde content)
  • Our varnishes and lacquers comply with 20047/42 / EC standard on the reduction of solvent emissions, and regulation N°. 1907/2006 (REACH)
  • We promise to sort and recycle our materials.