CéLio commitment

6 GOOD reasons to choose CéLio!

1 Invest in furniture built to last

Solid side and back panels and an exclusive assembly system to guarantee robust furniture.

No noise, no effort – our durable sliding doors use Teflon track wheels with an inner ball bearing race on aluminum rails.


2 Move house as often as you wish

With its solid materials and our unique metal assembly system, the furniture in our collections can be dismantled and reassembled as often as you need.


3  Made in France

Creating and keeping jobs in France. Quality guaranteed.


4 Make life easy

Let the professionals take care of delivery and installation in your home.

Choose comfort: no vehicle to hire, no heavy loads to lift, no time to be spent assembling furniture.


5 Take advantage of the latest innovations

Ingenious storage solutions so that tidying up is no longer a chore.


6 Contribute to environmental respect

Eco-responsible production.

The short distance between the factory and your home reduces the carbon footprint.